Leaked Photos, Being Here Motorola DROID 2013 Series

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Three Motorola DROID has been revealed. In a leaked photo revealed evleaks (07/10/2013), the figure reveals three latest smartphone from Droid family. Previously, the king of the new leak shows samples of the Motorola DROID Ultra camera. Now more excited, the photo showing the front panel of the Motorola DROID DROID series 2013 Mini, Ultra DROID and DROID MAXX.

From the photos, we can see that the Motorola equip three with kevlar protectors, Moto-appropriate fashion. Tersebug material not only serves to provide security on the device, but also in order to keep the weight light. Motorola also decided to bring capacitive keys than keys on the screen.

Apparently, Motorola plans to enter into a miniature version of the line-up RAZR / DROID 2013. Provisional estimates, the company will replace the previous processor is Intel's product from that of the RAZR i with Snapdragon processor made by RAZR M Twinnya.

In addition, there are also other variations of the DROID MAXX, which as the name implies will be equipped with large-capacity battery. In the previous generation, Motorola has pinned powered 3300 mAh battery on the RAZR MAXX them. So do not be surprised if Google's subsidiary will be complete with battery-powered similar or even greater.

While the other outstanding issues in the ad storyboard. It is said, the Motorola DROID Ultra will be able to survive for two days without needing a recharge. It also features advanced voice control. But it seems this feature is part of Google Now has been updated, not a new feature developed by Motorola.

Three specifications there are no leaks. Hopefully soon we know in the near future.

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