Alert, Malware can spread via iPhone Charger

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When your iPhone battery is running low, do not carelessly borrow another user charger, because the charger accessories can in fact infiltrated by malware.

Three researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology research suggests claims to have created a charger that can install malware on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This team will be exhibiting at the proof of concept hack the BlackHat security conference in late July in Las Vegas. Until then, they just reveal a little method.

At the conference, the team will recommend tips where users can protect themselves and at the same time suggesting Apple security features in order to implement a good security system.

USB charger researchers call the virus by name mactans. Mactans assembled from a single-board computer with open (BeagleBoard). Remarkably, the charger can strike iOS devices less than one minute. When you are infected, the malware infections that would be difficult to prove powerful and removed.

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