Use Helicopter, Nokia Lumia 928 Showcase OIS

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Ahead of the official launch of the Nokia Lumia 928, the Finnish vendor continue to flood the information about the new Windows Phone. Currently they are focusing on the features Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) in 8.7 MP camera. Anti-shake during shooting and video recording is one of the most touted features of the Lumia 920. So it is not surprising that the Nokia Lumia 928 to pass. In order to show off his skill, the Nokia Lumia 928 binds to a remote control helicopter to demonstrate to the audience how the video footage can be taken smoothly without physical controls.

Nokia Lumia 928 brings helicopters to Squamish Valley in British Columbia, and began recording the whole scene. "On a sunny day, we attach Lumia into a remote control helicopter and filmed the beautiful remote location and difficult to access," Nokia explained about the project.

The majority of smartphone uses digital image stabilization technique to smooth judder and shake in video footage. But nothing can replace the lens control physical movements. If the Lumia 920, Nokia use a special system of "suspended lens" which is basically pairing component shiftable camera on the mobile phone platform, and then adjusts its position according to the movement of data from the gyroscope. OIS system on the Lumia 928 can handle up to 500 movements per second, and that's what helped launch a jerkiness when shooting hand-held, or (for this case) currently fly hovering in the air.

"We drove the old road and flew from the side of the cliff, we filmed the sunken barge which can only be seen when the tide is really out, and we fly the helicopter to the waterfall and the river valley to capture footage that will not be able to be viewed by other means," Nokia said.

Demonstarsi previous Lumia 928 also focused on the ability to record phone. First, Nokia showed how performance 8.7 Mpix camera PureView than iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III, the low light performance is stronger, among other advantages. Then, high dynamic landscape for audio recording is also described.

In the latest test, Nokia does not make a direct comparison, but the video recordings of the Lumia 928 is an impressive camera. Nokia Lumia 928 will be launched officially today for Verizon and other international operators soon.

Watch the video of the Nokia Lumia 928 recordings below.

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