Samsung in collaboration with the Mozilla browser work on special projects as Android Browser Engine Servo

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Samsung and Mozilla announced the partnership to develop the latest generation of Web Browser Engine Servo named. Browser Engine that will be used for all ARM devices as well as Android-based operating system.

Servo is an effort to rebuild from the bottom of Web browsers for modern devices. Servo built with Rust programming language is a language system developed by Mozilla with the community. Together with Samsung, Mozilla and the Rust programming language presents servo, engine experimental web browser, for Android and ARM devices. Rust, which today has reached version 0.6, according to Mozilla has been developed over several years and is rapidly approaching stability.

Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich says, "Rust includes a feature lightweight concurrency that allows programmers to harness the power of CPU cores available on today's computing platforms and in the future. To see what we are doing and contribute to this project, you can download and try the Rust 0.6 has just been released or check source for Rust and Servo in BitHub", he said as reported PCMag.

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