Rumor, BlackBerry Will Unibody Smartphone Design?

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Since the last few years many vendors have launched a smartphone / tablet that carries the unibody design. Although this trend is not directly addressed by the BlackBerry, but it seems to have affected the Canadian vendor is to follow a similar trail. Though it's known Canadian manufacturer fond of using the removable battery in its products, even to the latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. Seen from the function, the battery can pull the pair to reset the device or replace the batteries with new accessories.

But now, BlackBerry is rumored to be leaving the design of the "ancient". According BBOS, will stop production of the BlackBerry handset with a battery that can pull the pair. It is said, BlackBerry Q10 could be a BlackBerry smartphone that is still using the last 10 such designs. At least, as far as products launched during the year 2013. Furthermore, the BlackBerry will be presenting the latest products with the unibody concept.

According to rumors, BlackBerry products "R-Series" which will be released later in 2013 will come with a non-removable battery. Then, if the BlackBerry 10 fans will love this new design? Most of them prefer to mutually battery when its capacity is decreased.

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