Devices Coming Soon 'Convertible' Tablet / Notebook Based Android

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So many tablets based on Windows 8, which could be converted into a notebook, in the foreseeable future seems also to be present a similar device but with a mobile operating system that is currently on the rise, namely Android.

Reported by DigiTimes, Intel is said to have started promoting tablet-convertible notebook with one of the Android-based vendors from China, Lenovo, will take the initiative to launch the first model in May.

In addition to Lenovo, a few other manufacturers, such as Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Acer, and Asus will launch the device mentioned hybrid tablet / Android-based notebook in the third quarter of this year.

Android-based notebook from Lenovo's Yoga is called will be released next May, expected to come with a screen size of 11 inches.

Interestingly, based on the estimates of Intel, the Android-based notebook price will be around 500 USD. As a tablet that can be transformed into a notebook, this device will come with a detachable keyboard.

If so, then what makes Intel so excited to promote the hybrid tablet / notebook based on Android? Well, it turns out the answer is still something to do with Windows 8.

The report said because Windows 8 has not been able to push the global notebook demand, while on the other Android tablet has increased, Intel began to glance at the tablet-convertible notebooks based on Android.

With the current state, where Android already so familiar to consumers. So, by adding processing application documents in it, it is believed that the Android-based notebooks will be able to attract the strong demand in the market.

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