BlackBerry 7 Still Survive

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BlackBerry is now relying on the future of the operating system (OS) newest BlackBerry 10. But it does not mean that mobile phone manufacturers ignore its predecessor OS, BlackBerry 7 (BB7). The Canadian company will use the BB7 phones sold in developing countries, who may need more time to make the transition to BlackBerry 10.

With BlackBerry Z10 that has been launched in several key markets, as well as the type qwerty phone named Q10 which followed in April, the BlackBerry has two smartphones with the latest OS that circulated widely. However, they still have not got a new cell phone affordable for emerging markets.

This is where BB7 take a leading role. BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins said his company plans to release a new BB7 phone for price-conscious consumers in developing countries. "We want them to feel good BlackBerry," he told The Canadian Press. "In this market, the BlackBerry 7 with a price range [affordable] is something that makes sense for us."

Market Indonesia, India, and other developing countries is still very loyal to BlackBerry phones underclass. BlackBerry would be a mistake to ignore them, just offer expensive smartphones running OS yet known. It would be better if the company that sells phones BB7 as "the transition", waiting until BB10 widely used. Thus, the emerging markets will remain under their control.

In such a scenario, mobile BB7 lower classes would be a temporary replacement for the underclass BB10 phones will eventually appear. BlackBerry will still dominate affordable smartphone segment, which is the field of money for those in emerging markets.

"We're not going to isolate it from the market like BlackBerry 10, simply because we want to sell BlackBerry 7" Heins said. "You will see [the two OS's] appear side by side for a while."
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