Smart Bot: A robot that uses a smartphone as head

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Smartphones typically used for telephony, chat, or play games. Now, thanks to the creation of Robotics Overdrive, transfer functions of the smartphone can be the "brain" of the robot assembly named SmartBot.

SmartBot is a small robot that actively entirely by the help of a smartphone. This device uses a smartphone screen, camera, LED lights and other components to perform a variety of movements. As a complement, a SmartBot application can display facial expressions that seem real head. SmartBot load the cart with two motorized wheels. The tool also comes with onboard MPU, two front LED lights, speaker / buzzer, and an expansion port for firmware updates or additions to an Arduino board.

This little robot compatible with iOS smartphone platform, Android, and Windows Phone. Smartphone laid on docking the robot. Then, the user can control it via a cable plugged into the headphone jack.

Adopt phone features (depending on the brand and model of smartphone), SmartBot can process the data, seeing, hearing, navigation, orientation alone, understand speech, to give voice in response. Again depending on the sophistication of a smartphone.

SmartBot priced at around U.S. $ 208, through pre-order. Robotics Overdrive promising product delivery will take place starting in April 2013. If you happen to be looking a little gadget to play, SmartBot may be an option.


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