Microsoft Reveals Video Leaked Bing Voice Application Update

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Exclusive: Prototype Bing app for Windows Phone shows improvements with word error rate, speech request latency, and noisy scenario handling

Microsoft has introduced features such as Bing Voice speech recognition in Windows Phone since it first debuted, but it seems the company is preparing a better upgrade. In a video that spread from Microsoft TechFest, a team of researchers conducted a demonstration of voice recognition speed and accuracy improvements, as well as "streaming mode" that can be enabled for Windows Phone allows users to search while talking.

This program looks similar to the latest Android implementation, but the method of Bing goes one step further by adding the ability to generate inline search results when a user in a state to talk. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not want to provide further information when the video is loaded and viewed the public, because it is still steeped in the research process.

Microsoft is now preparing an update of Windows Phone Blue for later this year. Given the features of Windows Blue will include Bing search, and the company plans to load it into all of its new product, then we might see this technology in Windows Phone smartphones in the future.
For more details, please see the video here

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