LG Work On Business Smartwatch

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In the past week, there have been two global companies (Samsung and Google) are rumored are developing projects smartwatch. Now, LG has also come to extend the list of vendors who are interested in designing sophisticated watches.

This news sparked by the Korea Times website (03/22/2013). In its report, the project is one of the main parts in the product development plans are non-komersialisasikan today by LG Electronics. Smartwatch project is considered a long-term strategy to maintain the company's competitiveness in the technology industry are easy to change. Smartwatch from LG is not known whether it will run on the Android operating system or use a Firefox OS.

Such as Samsung, LG never had a track record of designing smartwatch. Model GD910 was launched in 2009, which helped connect the handset. But thanks to the current market trends, the latest smartwatch eventually going to come up with the concept of touch screen and 3G internet connections.
source: www.koreatimes.co.kr

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