Competition with Nokia, HTC working on Service Navigation and Maps

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HTC Rumored To Be Working On A Mapping/Navigation App To Compete With Nokia

One compelling reason for someone to decide to finally buy the Nokia Lumia is some exclusive applications that accompany each handset made ​​by the Finnish vendor. Applications that the Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive. Although both applications that are available for all types of devices Windows Phone platform, it seems HTC desire similar services made ​​by himself.

A report of Windows Phone Italy (12/3), mentioned that HTC was to compete with Nokia in terms of application mapping and navigation services.

Actually it is the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer has ever released a similar application called HTC Locations one year ago. But now it is not available for Windows Phone 8. So there are two possibilities that could occur from the report above, whether HTC will design applications that are completely new from scratch or doing a massive overhaul of the existing application.

If true HTC will launch maps and navigation services, hopefully he will not charge consumers a fee for additional features, such as prompt (pressure) audio offline. If Nokia can provide it for free, so even with HTC, is not it?

There is no further information whether HTC will provide this service exclusively for Windows Phone, or for all handset platforms creations.

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