Recent Updates Offer Google Search Widget Google Now and Fandango

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Attendance widget Google Now revealed when the official release of the Nexus. Now Google is one of the smart features provided by Google in Android Jelly Bean. Google Now feature is designed to study the location and characteristics of a search on Google Search that often users do. Now a new version of Google Search for Android devices has presented the feature. According to the changelog app, this update melingkup rating a popular movie information from Rotten Tomatoes, and their list of Zillow real estate when the user is looking for a new home.

Users can also buy movie tickets through Fandango. Not limited to make a purchase via online only, they will be reminded about when to go to the movies. This is because Google Now also can predict where you will go. The next Google will show you the distance you need to go and get more traffic. Google Now also includes QR codes for tickets on the handset screen so users can scan in theaters.

By studying the characteristics of search and search history and other relevant data, Google Now will understand your favorite sports team and give an update. Information can include the latest scores, team play and the other information given on the screen directly Jelly Bean Android device you use, without having to perform an additional search on Google Search.

If you're curious about this latest update, can directly download it in the Android Market.

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