HTC Mini, Accessories Also Remote Control Handset

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The dimensions of the screen width and phablet smartphone today is suitable for most consumers. But the bigger the device, the more strange as when attached to the ear to the phone. Reducing awkward, HTC has a solution for you, by providing small accessories Air-NFC phone.

Carrying forms like mobile phone output in 2006, HTC accessories for HTC Mini is Butterfly (known as DNA Droid in the U.S.). HTC smartphone owners Butterfly in China can now use the HTC Mini to make and receive calls without having to take the phone giant was out of pocket.

Accessories (or rather the device) is connected to the Butterfly through the Near Field Communication (NFC). Small, lightweight, and can be placed in your pocket while the phone remains safely sieve bag. In addition to making calls, it also can display a message, setting the calendar, and call history screen in monochrome (black and white).

HTC Mini also has other functions. When HTC Butterfly used as a tether to a TV, HTC Mini can act as a remote control to navigate the menu. As well, if you forget to put the smartphone, the Mini can make it sound so much easier to find.

Accessories HTC Mini is only available in the Chinese market, and is only compatible with the Butterfly. No information about the HTC Mini tag. And, hopefully a company based in Taiwan that will sell these accessories into other markets besides China.


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