Case Snap Grip - Make Smartphone Has Grip Like Digital Cameras

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There is a reason in which digital cameras designed to have handrails (grip) into their bodies. Namely that users are permitted to hold while taking pictures. Unfortunately, these facilities do not we get on the smartphone's camera. Users can only hold a good handset for the device remains safely in hand.

Answering the need for photography lovers as well as holders of smartphones, product designer Lee Harris creates a named Snappgrip case can act like grip on the digital camera. Case Snappgrip is intended for high-end smartphones that rely heavily on the quality of the camera are like the iPhone (4 and 5), and the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Under ordinary circumstances, it looks like a protective Snappgrip smartphones in general. Well, when used in the activity snapped photos, then this acts as a grip accessories all controller

Yes, Snappgrip not only allows users to get a stronger grip on the smartphone, but on the surface it also has access controls that allow you to activate the shutter, the change between shooting modes, and zoom in / out. While at the bottom, there is a standard tripod mount hole, standby switch for power saving, and the miniUSB port for charging the lithium ion type batteries. Snappgrip connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, as well as custom applications iOS or Android.

Harris and his business partner Rex Chen is collecting funds for the production of Snappgrip the Kickstarter project. In the pre-commercial, single unit accessories will be sentenced for £ 29 (U.S. $ 46). Himself later estimated retail price is around U.S. $ 99.

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