The market share of Nokia Ready to Increase in 2013

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Nokia today continues to struggle to regain smartphone market share eroded by his rivals, seems to be ready to rise in 2013.

According to the various sources in Taiwan cited via DigiTimes, stated that in order to maintain market share and entering the phone features of the smartphone segment to be acceptable to the middle class in emerging markets, Nokia is expected to continue to order the Windows Phone 7.5 to ODM companies in Taiwan based on , 2013.

Nokia is a Finnish mobile phone manufacturer has launched a mobile phone is Windows Phone 8. However, considering the standard hardware and licensing costs are high, it is difficult to expect a phone like the Lumia 920 and 820 for the entry-level segment targeting or middle segment.

By continuing to sell the berbasi Windows Phone 7.5, Nokia is expected to be able to target markets in developing countries with low-end smartphones and mid-range are much cheaper than Windows Phone 8.

As a result the Windows Phone 8 devices that target the upper segment, Nokia is likely to have other alternatives to be present in the Windows Phone 7.5 devices.

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