NVIDIA Tegra 4, Claimed Will 6 Times More Powerful than Tegra 3

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Competition mobile processor chip manufacturers on board, between Qualcomm and NVIDIA Tegra will apparently be more fierce.

The latter, namely NVIDIA recently reportedly preparing to announce Tegra 4 (Wayne). And as quoted from BGR, Tegra 4 will say six times more powerful than its predecessor system on chip, the Tegra 3.

In a leaked, Tegra 4 is written will have a "4-plus-1 Quad Core Eagle" CPU, 72-core GPU (20x more powerful than Tegra 2 and six times more powerful than Tegra 3), DD3L memory support, support for screen resolution 2560 x 1600, and 28nm technology for low power consumption and USB 3.0 support.

Supposedly NVIDIA will announce this new chipset later than at the Mobile World Congress 2013 which will be held in February.

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