Microsoft: Since There WP8, Download Application Increases Significantly

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Illustration: HTC 8X

The adoption rate of Windows Phone 8 (WP 8) that is better than its predecessor, Microsoft seems to be helping to create a real mobile app ecosystem.

Through his Twitter account Todd Brix, known as Senior Director in the Windows Phone Apps Team, announced over the weekend that the company has seen an increase of over 100% in terms of revenue and download apps from the Windows Phone 8 was launched in November.

Claims revealed Todd Brix, was not accompanied by figures. That's likely because it's so low level of adoption of the Windows Phone operating system before the release date, Windows Phone 8 by Microsoft.

With the trend of increasing number of Windows Phone apps download, in addition expected to be a direct impact on the income of application developers, of course, is also expected to increase the interest of other developers working to refine the application based on Windows Phone.

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