Facebook for BlackBerry Present offer New Features

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RIM has updated the Facebook app for BlackBerry version 3.3. This new updated Facebook not only change the look, but also a new feature has been available, one of which is the integration of the Blackberry Messenger (BBM). These changes are designed to increase the use of Facebook on the BlackBerry device.

In BlackBerry Messenger Integration feature, allowing users to find their friends and start chatting via BBM through Facebook. If you are interested to find Facebook friends who also use BBM, you can share your PIN via Facebook wall. It also enables users to make friends on Facebook and to join them on BlackBerry Messenger.

Difficulty doing unfriend on Blackberry is now solved thanks to the presence of a given update RIM. Now users can easily perform unfriend on Blackberry devices. The combination of these features provides excellent integration between Blackberry Messenger with Facebook.

Not only the features in the update, it looks even also get significant changes such as a change icons. In version 3.3 this Blackberry users can view images more quickly with high resolulisi. BB thing so now users can switch between full view and thumbnail images.

Update Facebook for Blackberry 3.3 can now be downloaded for free on Blackberry Appworld.

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