BlackBerry Mobile Z10 will Become the First BlackBerry 10 Launched RIM

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Along with the end of 2012, rumors of appearance BlackBerry 10 phones from Research in Motion (RIM) more widely. And, BlackBerry Z10 will probably be the first 10 BB phone sticking out into the market.

This news came from advertising material obtained by Unwired View. BlackBerry Mobile Z10 is a full touchscreen BlackBerry phone formerly known as the L-Series BB. From anonymous sources, said that this phone will be available in two colors, namely black and white.

In addition to the full touchscreen mobile phone, RIM is also rumored to be launching BB with full QWERTY keyboard BB 10 will be the second product released to market. The emergence of mobile phones from RIM BB 10 is quite awaited public. Moreover, many people who expect that BB 10 will be savior RIM from bankruptcy.
source: Cnet

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