Windows Store Defeat Mac App Store

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To date, according to statistics issued by Microsoft, the number of applications available on the Windows Store up to two-fold since it was first introduced Windows 8.

Even this figure continues to outperform the number of applications available on the operating system competitors, Mac OS X is the Mac App Store.

According to data obtained from Distimo, there are 21,183 apps available in the Windows Store. And about 87% or 17 958 is a free application.

While the Mac App Store there are only about 13,000 applications. Even AppShopper site claimed that the number was only 12,665 apps just as much.

This figure makes Microsoft re optimistic about their targets are expected in February 2013 will reach 100,000 apps.

"A growing number of application developers who are interested in the new Windows 8 platform, so the number of modern applications is likely to grow rapidly in line with the increase in sales of the operating system in the world," said a Microsoft executive.

Although the competition among desktop operating system in terms of the number of applications has increased dramatically, it still can not beat the number of applications on the operating system for gadgets.

In comparison, the current application in the Apple Store for iOS for iPad has reached 312,323 and 644,478 applications for the iPhone. While Android itself has reached about 700,000 more apps.

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