iPad Becoming Consumers First Choice for Streaming Video

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Apple's iPad is experiencing a declining level of sales in the third quarter 2012 is compared to the previous period. However, the iPad was still an option for streaming video than any other device, whether Android tablets, gaming consoles or Blu-ray player.

This is revealed in the results of research conducted by ChangeWave Research. In one study, they were asked what device is used to a total of 1115 respondents from North America. And the result, there are 32 percent of respondents claimed to chose the iPad over other devices.

In the second place, these respondents chose to use Blu-ray player with a percentage of 25 percent. In addition, Apple's iPhone is also an attractive option for respondents and the third largest of choice.

The selection of these two Apple devices for streaming video is quite interesting. This at least proves that consumers are interested in embedded technology Retina Display by Apple in the iPhone and his iPad.

The rest, of respondents admitted to using video game consoles, Internet TV, Apple TV and Roku for streaming video on the internet.
Via Technewsdaily

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