Nokia Eligibility Test Portable Solar Charger Africa Region

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One excellent feature offered by Nokia on Windows Phone 8 smartphone Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 is wireless charging. Here, for charging smartphones can be done without the charger cable (wireless), to the more practical and functional. Apart interested in wireless charging feature, Nokia is also going to release a new accessory for charging but naturally that is solar powered charging in products Portable Solar Charger DC-40.

Finnish company presenting accessories DC-40 in an effort to re-target the developing countries where there is no electricity available equally. Thus, these accessories will not be circulated in modern countries such as the United States or Europe.

Portable Solar Charger DC-40 could change one minute of charge time to two minutes worth of talk time. Charging layer using thin-film photovoltaic panels weighing 93 grams and 3-meter long cable to connect your Nokia mobile phone via a standard connector size 2mm. Charger 1000 mAh capacity can be fully charged in less than 4 hours if dried in the direct sunlight, or a few hours longer if placed in the room. Nokia plans to try out the Portable Solar Charger DC-40 in at least a week in Africa such as Nigeria and Kenya.

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