Nexus Tablet 7 This Run Ubuntu OS

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What looks on the homescreen is not shown in the picture Ubuntu for Android or the result of a group of hackers embed creativity Ubuntu operating system on a tablet. What is presented in figure claimed is 13:04 Ubuntu operating system interfaces that run on Google's Nexus tablet 7 that exhibited by an engineer at Canonical.

Ubuntu 13:04 pinned on a tablet device, according to a report carried Canonical OMGUbuntu seem to measure 'core platform' to 'mobile metrics' such as batteries, memory consumption, and others. Objectives to be achieved is to bring the operating system has the ability to run on a wider device.

When announcing the name Ubuntu 13:04, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical ask the developers attending the next Ubuntu Developer Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, to bring a Nexus tablet 7. This device is claimed as a 'reference' ideal.

To see what Ubuntu when run on the Nexus 7, consider the video below posted by a Technical Director Commercial, Victor Palau, on the site many Youtube videos.

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