Instagram will translate Instagram mentions to Twitter mentions automatically

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For users of Instagram, now would be easy to show off your edits photos to social networks Twitter thanks to the latest update. Instagram now automatically translates @ mentions for users who have an account with Twitter and Instagram, despite having a name that is different from each other. So that there will only be one name that appears when users post a photo on Twitter.

Sometimes, a user's username on Instagram and Twitter have different names. This is because the user's own desire to distinguish the two, or even supply a username which other users have used first. So, do not be surprised if the name of the @ mention that appear to be different. But thanks to a new service from Instagram, is now the appropriate username will appear. So the user does not have to do anything to change his username

In theory, when you @ mention certain accounts that have different names in both these networks (Instagram and Twitter), but this account has been connecting Instagram account to Twitter, it will automatically translate Instagram user name with two distinct accounts. Instagram account name will appear in the photo caption on Instagram, and when distributed to Twitter, the name that appeared on his Twitter fixed username.

But if it's not connected the two networks, the username on Instagram will appear in the photo caption, and the '@' sign will be removed from the current username in the tweet. The solution, simply select the "Share to Twitter" when uploading photos from Instagram. If the user name does not match the username dimention anyone on Twitter the '@' sign will remain listed in Twitter posts. Conversely, if a friend has the same username between Instagram and Twitter, the '@' sign to be removed so that only the name appears alone, the corresponding username in both Instagram and Twitter.

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