Apple Releases iWork for iPad Integrates with Cloud

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Microsoft Office application note will provide for flagship devices such as the Apple iPad and iPhone by March next year 2013. But apparently not necessarily make Apple accept with open arms the office applications. Previously, the Cupertino-based company already has a service called iWork is a suite of software made ​​by Apple Computer that has a function similar to Microsoft Office. But for some reason, Apple finally closed.

Apple took VMWare to develop the latest version of iWork for the iPad, which is integrated with the cloud. Although Apple has offered a suite for the iPad, including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, but this edition will offer a full desktop functionality. Using the View virtual desktop software, VMWare will accommodate to the cloud and offer enterprise iWork for iPad customers. So, you could say this is a cloud-based iWork will be a rival cloud services Microsoft Office 2013.

This service similar to OnLive Desktop, which allows owners of iPad and Android tablet to use cloud-based version of Windows, complete with Office. Apple and VMware also mentioned cooperation in Horizon Mobile for iOS, which is actually part of the Horizon Suite VMware. The service is scheduled for beta release later this year.


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