W1 - Huawei First Smartphone Based on Windows Phone 8 released soon

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Samsung, HTC, and Nokia has showcased their latest handsets based on the new platform, Windows Phone 8 (WP 8). But there is one vendor that has yet to show the form of ranks Ascend smartphone running Microsoft's OS. Yes, the manufacturer in question is the Huawei.

According to officials sources revealed by Huawei, Richard Yu on the site Sina Weibo (18/09/2012), China-based company is going to introduce its first smartphone based on Windows Phone 8 is named W1. The device is rumored to be soon announced its presence on the 25th of September tomorrow. Reportedly there will be two WP8 smartphones that will be introduced by Huawei, the first being that a smartphone Ascend W1 middle class, and the second is that W2 Ascend is an excellent product.

According to news circulating, Huawei W1 will start shipping in November or December for the regions of Europe, China, and the United States. Available in three color versions: black, pink - blue, and white. About the price, estimated at around at US$ 317. Besides Huawei, another Chinese vendor did not want to miss dispense handset WP 8. Reportedly, ZTE and Acer smartphones ready to spawn WP 8 in 2013.

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