MicroSIM Cannot be Cut to Nano SIM

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As you know, the Nano SIM card (4 Form Factor) will make his debut shortly when the iPhone went on sale in the global market. Well, for those of you who are still wondering if I can cut micro SIM (3FF) be the size of Nano SIM, SIM card as well as standard (2FF) cut into a micro SIM (Subscriber Identity Module), the following explanation.

Inventor and manufacturer of the Nano SIM SIM card, Giesecke & Devrient has asserted that fourth-generation SIM card can not be replaced with a Micro SIM for SIM Nano has a thickness of 15 percent thinner than its predecessor two SIM cards. So the SIM card cutting efforts will be in vain because it still will not fit into the Nano SIM slot.

Giesecke & Devrient spokesman said, "As you know many people who cut conventional SIM card into Micro SIM with a knife, scissors, or other special tools. Some of them can, but there is also a failure. It dikarena 2FF and 3FF SIM has the same thickness. While the Nano SIM 15 percent thinner. So we thought if only minimizes its size, will not work. Compatibility with the older models can use a solution that allows the Nano SIM adapter integrated into mobile phones already on the market. "
Inferred from their representatives are saying, but you can also flatten thickness without affecting the micro SIM chip in it, can only be used on the Nano SIM slot. But it is certainly not an easy thing to do. We do not want to encourage you to try it out for the latest Apple device later. Because mobile operators certainly have prepared or are producing Nano SIM to welcome iPhone 5 (eg Vodafone). So it should be a little patience to wait for a real presence in the Nano SIM card subscription service (not a piece 2FF or 3FF) before buying the new iPhone.

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