Instagram is coming to Windows Phone

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Popular photo sharing app for iOS and Android platform devices Instagram, are now being developed for the operating system Microsoft Windows Phone composition. News website The Verge reported the news after getting information from relevant sources stating that the application has acquired Facebook for a billion dollars will be available for the platform.

Last week when Nokia introduced the Lumia 920 mentioned that there will be titles exclusive apps for all devices Lumianya. Finnish vendor has also posted a promotional video that accidentally shows like Instagram app for Windows Phone. In the video footage you can see the applications that run on 'live tile' (the name in the phone homescreen Windows Phone) with information 'comment' and 'like' like in Instagram.

Applications on the Nokia promotional video can be Vimeo, but The Verge is ensuring that it will Instagram finally arrived on Windows Phone. Since Instagram does not invest its own resources to develop potential applications, Microsoft likely will. Just like building applications Twitter and Facebook, Microsoft continued to update it themselves. Of course, Microsoft had to get permission from Instagram to deploy images to the service.

During this time the one in Windows Phone is the Instagram app (unofficial) without explicit cooperation. Nokia and Microsot committed to ensuring Windows Phone has the most popular applications of the platform competitors. Hopefully we can see in Windows Phone Instagram before 2012 ends.

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