Rumors, iPhone 5 Will Not Make NFC Features

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Ahead of the upcoming September 12th release, specs rumors surrounding Apple's iPhone 5 back blows. A report from AnandTech (27/08/2012) mentioned that the latest generation of smartphones iPhone is not equipped with NFC (near field communication).

Photos are posted by the Taiwanese blog, alleged iPhone 5 part assembly that points to the part that is not visible from some leaked photo had circulated. Formerly, it was believed there is space where the front camera is filled with either a chip that allegedly destined NFC chip. This speculation is based on the dimensions of about 5x5 mm square, where according to the size of the NFC chip that exist today.

After a thorough analysis, Anandtech has concluded that the NFC in the next iPhone is "very unlikely". "Given the form of the metal from the back of the new iPhone, it is not possible NFC available for this generation," writes Brian Klug and Anand Lal Shimp.

NFC antenna alone will require adequate space and dense, more than the space available in the upper body or lower body in a smartphone. There is no official statement from Apple about the rumors circulating. The world's leading vendor is not confirmed or denied. So, it's worth waiting for the official update next month.

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