Retire App Hub - Microsoft Launches Windows Phone Dev Center

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Microsoft developers now have a 'home' so-called new Windows Phone Dev Center. This portal serves as a replacement App Hub, which was originally thought to offline maintenance reasons. Windows Phone Dev Center comes with lots of markets and new features added. In this portal, application developers can market their application to register a windows phone developers. Meanwhile, consumers can search and find more than 24,000 applications available, and download the applications they want.

This site offers tools updated with the building, publishing, and managing applications that run on Windows Phones 7.5 or earlier. It also provided support to the Paypal online payment for the delivery of the money earned. Interestingly, the current price options have been added based on geographic location, including U.S. dollars, British pounds, Kuwait Dinar, and others.

Not only change the site to developers, Microsoft appears to have also been renamed Windows Phone Marketplace for a new name, namely Windows Phone Store.

Although Microsoft does not really confirm the change, the allegations were based on the writing on the Windows Phone Dev Center site, which reads: "Join the Dev Center and publish your app in the Windows Phone Store." So, if the change concerns about the presence of a new mobile operating system , Windows Phone 8?

The good news, when opening this site, there is the name Indonesia became one of the countries in which the developer can submit an application. You could say it's a good sign, since Indonesia became one of the developers who helped watch out for. Thus, a local developer can market applications around the world.

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