Photos of New iPhone Battery sticking

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The new iPhone is really making curious lover. Almost every day there are always new info about the Apple smartphone partitions are scattered on the internet. No exception this time.

The new rumor is circulating that the latest iPhone will be released later this year will be more than 2mm thinner iPhone 4S last series. Although many doubt that Apple will undertakes the way, another rumor reinforces the info. Technology news site 9to5Mac shows a photograph of the alleged iPhone battery.

Alleged images that will be in battery design looks much thinner iPhone with larger capacity. Coupled with the display technology will also be thinner, iPhone rumors seem to be thinner 2mm can be seen more clearly.

Battery capacity of 1440mAh is just adding 10mAh of iPhone 4S. A little disappointing for those who want a much longer durability to support the 4-inch screen and LTE connections in the future. Apple also will raise the battery voltage of 0.1 V. According to a report in The Next Web and Anandtech, the addition of this voltage can differentiate the energy needs of low-power chipset LTE.

To find out the truth of rumors, Apple promptly disclose to the official announcement will reportedly take place on 12 September.

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