Google will Patented Radial Menu for Android and Chrome

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Google recently known to have filed a new patent for the Android and Chrome.

Is a source in Patenbolt, parties who have found a new patent application from Google that indicates that the Internet giant is being redesigned menu for the Android and Chrome with a radial menu.

From the initial design, it looks as if the radial menu on the screen telrihat not, until the user performs a sweep of the finger movement of the device. Once swiped, the semi-circle menu that appeared on the screen where the friction occurs.

The logic behind this is someone semi-circle menu to save screen space and provide convenience to the user to access various features and applications on the device.

But unfortunately, if the patent Google filed to avoid the shots from its competitors, it would seem futile. The reason, Apple is also one of the rival Google by PatenBolt was first registered 2 patents with similar technology from several years ago.

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