Watch a 3D Video Youtube from iPhone

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Want menyicipi youtube 3D content on your mobile device? 3D Viewer made ​​by Japanese manufacturers, Sansa, providing cheap and easy way to enjoy content on the iPhone YouTube 3D. With a shape like a toy View-Master viewer, which was popular before the 2000's, the device will transmit video images from 3D to appropriate size of the eyeball.

With size 140 x 90 x 75 mm and weighs approximately 127 grams, the 3D viewer Sanwa has a slot to accommodate the iPhone 4 or 4S. A hole in the underside of the device allows the user's finger reaches the iPhone's touch screen to control volume and playback control.

3D Viewer priced at ¥1.980 and are available through the Sansa website.

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