Windows Phone 7.8 Comes with a New Design

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CALIFORNIA - Windows 8 may not be present in handheld devices Widows Phone (WP) that exist today. But WP handheld devices today, will get some new features.

Given the name of WP 7.8, the hardware will have to adopt the initial screen (Start Screen) as found in WP 8. Users will be able to access a variety of things through Live Tiles.

This version uses all the width of the screen. So, there would be no arrow indicating the direction to open more applications.

With more space, users can put more tiles. Current can be made in three different sizes. There is also a small-sized tiles to place a variety of applications.

Smaller tiles are useful for applications that do not contain too much important information. Just as those found in standard tile sizes, each application can have an extra large tiles to load lebi much detail.

Unfortunately, there is still no information about when WP7.8 was released. But now, Microsoft is reportedly in discussions with operators and vendors handheld device, about the planned trials of this technology.

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