Strengthen UnLoc GPS System in the Room

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Technology commercialization GPS (global positioning system) has been a boon for those who have traveled to areas where they do not recognize. But the main problem is the GPS satellite signals are often lost when in the room. However, the new system developed at Duke University, the United States presents a new way that has not been thought of before; by using a popular location in the room.

Similar to the way people give directions by using a layout that is easily recognizable. For example: turn left at McDonalds and keep walking until they found a statue of a lion in the mall. The new system called UnLoc this layout can be detected by sensors mounted therein.

"UnLoc can also detect motion made ​​by lift or stairs while in the room. Because the phone can detect motion, or some dead spots where the signal is no WiFi or 3G, it is more fitting location" said Roy Choudhury, associate professor of computer engineering and a researcher primary to Duke University.

Tim said that dependence on the sensor system objects also make batteries more efficient than the use of GPS satellites. Even the Duke University team believe the smartphone can be used all day when using their system.

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