Samsung GALAXY S III - a new concept smartphone

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Samsung Electronics announced the third generation GALAXY S, the GALAXY S III. GALAXY S III carrying the 4.8-inch screen size HD super AMOLED, 8 MP camera and front camera 1.9 MP camera with a wide variety of smart features and facial recognition. With smart features stay, GALAXY S III will recognize how you use your phone, for example, when reading an e-book or surf the web, the front camera will identify your eyes and your phone will automatically adjust the sharpness of the screen to make it more comfortable.

GALAXY S III also features S Voice, an excess that understands the language of its user to hear and respond to what you say. In addition to searching for information and communication devices for the user base, S Voice presents a powerful function in terms of control and give orders on the device. For example, you can use the S Voice to play your favorite songs, increase or decrease the volume, send text messages and emails, organize your schedule, or automatically display the camera and take photos.

In addition to recognizing faces and voices, GALAXY S III understand your movement to provide maximum usability. When you're sending a message, but decided to make multiple calls simultaneously, simply move the phone to your ear and Direct Call will call their number.

With new features, Beam S, GALAXY S III enhanced by Android Beam. This feature allows you to share a 1 GB movie in less than three minutes and music files at 10 MB less than two minutes. You do not even need a Wi-Fi or cellular signal.

Samsung GALAXY S III will be available in late May in Europe before it is fully launched.

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