RIM explains about Platform BlackBerry 10

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RIM on May 5 and then give a little leak for the BlackBerry platform 10 in BlackBaerry World conference held in Orlando, Florida. At the same time, RIM also released a developer toolkit for software development and HTML5 native. The toolkit is available in beta version and may be downloaded for free from http://developer.blackberry.com.
This toolkit includes BlackBerry 10 Native SDK that allows the development of the Cascades to create rich applications and high-performance graphics in C / C + + using Qt. Native SDK for BlackBerry 10 has a set of APIs that give developers access to core device of a variety of services and BlackBerry applications, such as push and payment services. Cascades is a powerful application that allows developers to build visually stunning applications easily without having to write complex code.

Still from the BlackBerry World conference, RIM also said that the application developers and a number of leading brands have started to trust the BlackBerry 10 platform  to its mobile application development.

Some application developers, among others Endomondo, Gameloft, Mippin, occipital, PixelMags, Poynt, Truphone, and Wikitude.
Info: http://developer.blackberry.com.

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