Panasonic Lumix Camera and Camcorder New Series

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Jakarta: Along with the rise of photography that became part of modern lifestyle, Panasonic launched the product line and latest camcorder lumix camera as much as 11 series. The camera consists of 8 and 3 types of lumix camera camcorder series.

The demand for professional cameras and camcorders are capable of producing excellent quality images, but still has a slim and ergonomic dimensions have been increased. Answering the market demand, Panasonic launched the Lumix TZ 30, FT 4, FT 20, S 71, 6 FH, FH 4, S2, and T230, and V500, V100, and V10 for the type of camcorder. Sophistication of the product is backed with attractive features such as GPS systems and a body that resists dust and water.

Panasonic Lumix Camera Eight New Series
Panasonic launches eight new Lumix series, including the TZ 30, FT 4, FT 20, S 71, 6 FH, FH 4, S2, and T230. The eight new camera models from Panasonic has a wide array of features suitable photograph to accompany your hobby.

One of the newest flagship product is the Lumix TZ 30 which is a pocket camera that is equipped with a 20x Optical Zoom LEICA DC Lens, 24mm Ultra Wide Angle and Nano Surface Coating with a slim and compact body. TZ 30 is perfect for those who like traveling with a built-in GPS system and a wide-range shooting and video recording and high quality photographs.

In addition other new products for the outdoor adventurer with activity, the Panasonic Lumix FT 4 and FT present 20 with rubber padding, reinforced glass and carbon resins that make it dustproof and waterproof, and can be used to a depth of 5 meters below the water surface. Panasonic FT 4 and FT 20 is a compact digital camera that bear on a wide range of field conditions when shooting.

As for the shooting in various situations, the Panasonic Lumix FH 6 and FH 4 provides ease of those who are faced with a lack of field lighting. With features super Bright F2.5 lens LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMARIT, 24mm Ultra Wide-Angle and 5x Optical Zoom that will sharpen and reduce blur even with minimal lighting though.

For consumers who are stylish and simple, Panasonic S2 issued a series of simple, smart and stylish. Rely on the ease of operation, but does not degrade the performance of the Panasonic Lumix S2. These products are supported with 28mm wide-angle lens 4x optical zoom and high-level image processor, Venus Engine, which will produce high quality images.

Three New Panasonic Camcorder
There are three types of camcorders on the market, the V500, V100, and V10. Panasonic Lumix 50x Zoom Intelligent rely V500 and HYBRID OIS which will minimize blur when zooming so as to produce a clear image even at 50x zoom handheld and perform when taking pictures while walking.

Panasonic Lumix camcorder that puts the V100 is a lightweight and compact design making it easy to carry and can record for more than two and a half hours. Type V10 is an extension of previous models which can produce images with HD quality and features 70x zoom.
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