Kytephone - Intelligent Application To Monitor Kids Activities

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Greatest passions are children imitate what adults do, including for business smartphones. Between smartphone and children's activities were in fact not be released now. Aware of it, would need high vigilance to keep an eye on smartphone usage in children, in addition to monitoring applications fit for his age, there should be protection for some features, such as telephony so that no one used.

Among the applications offered for monitoring children, Kytephone is a relatively new application and offer something different. Applications for Android provides a specific access point for parents to sign in via username and password. Later, parents can choose which applications are allowed to be played by the child, in Kytephone was still able to make calls and receive incoming calls, but especially for numbers that have been registered by the parents. For security, during the active Kytephone, children can only be 'struggling' in this application only.

Best of Kytephone can be controlled via a desktop PC, with the first install the application on the PC, parents can find out where the child is based LBS (location based service). Even remotely possible to remove and add applications and games can be played by children.

Kytephone now be downloaded for free at Google's Play, and temporarily available for the Android platform. The developer says, kedepannnya Kytephone will also be offered for IOS platform, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. For more details, see the video Kytrephone below.


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