Opera 12 Beta Version Official Release, Launch Support Webcam, 12 New Languages ​​and HTML5

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Opera Browser version 12 beta has been released. Opera 12 beta version is claimed is faster than previous versions and can provide the experience of surfing in the virtual world better.

Some new features embedded in Opera 12 beta version, one of the highlights is the use of the camera support webcam. With this feature, users can visit the web that support HTML5.

In addition, Plugins for Opera 12 is also designed to work separately, so it will not shut down the browser if at any time pluin crash.

SSL network code is also made more optimal, the laying of a more fitting tab also makes users more quickly when opening or closing the application. In addition, there is also support for 12 new languages​​, including those that read from right to left.

Want to try Opera 12, please download the http://www.opera.com/browser/next/ 

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