Most Secure OS BlackBerry, Android Most Vulnerable

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Jakarta: Trend Micro conducted a research to find out where the mobile operating system the safest in the smartphone. The result, BlackBerry tops bulldoze its competitors.

No denying the prestige of the BlackBerry's battered by shrinking Android and IOS. But the matter of security, operating system made ​​by Research In Motion (RIM) is claimed to be still the safest.

It was written by security vendor Trend Micro is based on several experiments. If measured in terms of application security, authentication, device removal, firewall and virtualization features of the BlackBerry OS 7.0 is superior to iOS 5, Windows Phone 7.5 even Android 2.3. This is what makes the BlackBerry believed to still ideal for enterprise users.

The report also explains that Apple's decision to make the IOS does not support external storage devices are very precise, it makes the operating system is ranked second about security.

Windows Phone application market is so tight to be one cause of this operating system was ranked third. However, many applications that require a user's location is considered began to break through the limits of privacy.

As for Android, Trend Micro claims to deliberately just to test it based only on the gingerbread 2.3. Because the operating system is still the most dominant than the other versions.

Android called Trend Micro least secure because almost every application requesting access to a variety of before it is installed. So the level of it depends on the Android security of each user, instead of the operating system.

If the score of security should be assessed for each operating system is: BlackBerry (2.89), IOS (1.7), Windows Phone (1.61) and Android (1.37).

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