Intel Smart phones ready for launch

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Intel Corp. may have been famous in the world of computers. However, in mobile, processor manufacturers are still somewhat behind than their competitors.

But after a long awaited, vendors from the United States was finally ready to release a smartphone that has been embedded inside Intel architecture basis.

This was confirmed by the Intel CEO Paul Otellini. "We are expecting an important way of Intel's business this week. That is the launch of Intel architecture-based smartphone the first in the world," he said, as quoted by ZDNet, Wednesday (04/18/2012).

Suddenly, after the statement was sticking, many a guess that within the next week will be launched 'mobile Intel'.

Indeed, Intel is not alone produce such handsets. But it took another phone vendors to 'give birth' smart phones that use the architecture.

Lenovo K800 is a smartphone that mentioned will be Intel's first mobile phone to be released to the market. This device has a 4.5 inch wide screen, amplified 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z2460, and carry the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Another candidate is made ​​phone vendor named Lava International Xolo X900. Reportedly, the handset will be available in India and brought the Intel Atom chip with a code of Medfield.

Xolo X900 itself wrapped 4.03-inch screen and uses Intel Z2460 single chip with a magnitude of 1.6 GHz core.

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