Golden Dreams Cover Material iPhone 4S With Luxury

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IPhone 4S seems to be not only the most advanced smartphone, but also the most expensive in the world. Because the Swiss company, Golden Dreams, has launched a special edition for the Apple device. Its products are wrapped in layers of special leather, gold, diamonds and even

Latest collection of Golden Dreams is based iPhone 4S consists of three kinds of models, namely the Desert Edition that uses crocodile skin seed layer, a plated Gold Edition 24-carat gold or 180 grams of 18 carat gold, and encrusted Diamond Edition is a pure rock up to 4,000 aka diamonds in the back behind the iPhone 4S. All three devices will be wrapped with a capacity of 64Gb iPhone 4S.

Speaking of the price offered was certainly outrageous and different from each other. Prices for Desert Edition is priced around $ 2,176 or Rp20.236.800, then Gold Edition for $ 2,290 or Rp21.297.000. While for the Diamond Edition, the price is assigned according to customer orders.

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