China Ready to Make Android 'Super'

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A Chinese company will make a super Android smartphone. So called because it made ​​phone Meizu equipped with high specification.

Meizu whose name is well known in China is preparing to launch the latest version of the Meizu MX is equipped with quad-core processors. According to relevant sources, other specifications are countless flashy 2GB RAM, 64GB of internal memory and operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Reportedly, the processor will be used is made ​​by Samsung. For other specifications same as Meizu MX dual-core version that has been marketed for some time past. The screen is the same, 4 inch wide. The handset is likely to swing in the market in May 2012.

Meizu fame makes the product much in the line of China's population. As sales Meizu MX dual-core version some time ago was greeted with long lines, even had time would lead to chaos.

Queuing that occurs when something like like new Apple products like the iPhone is sold for the first time. Tens or even hundreds of people willing to queue patiently to buy Meizu MX.

Meizu established since 2003 is quite ambitious in the world of smartphone and not afraid to compete with global brands. It is quoted from UnwiredView

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