Wilcom TWX01NX-DI, Special Phone for Emergencies With Three Batteries Simultaneously

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When a natural disaster occurs, the most difficult thing is communication, especially if the power of natural disaster-affected area is cut off. Therefore, many vendors posel initiative to create a phone that could be used during such emergencies.

One is Willcomm TWX01NX-DE which is a phone that also is used or reserved for emergencies. The shape is a bit strange because in this phone, there are 3 types of AAA batteries.

TWX01NX-DE claimed could be used to talk for 3.5 hours and standby time to 350 hours and for regular dry battery type we would be easily set up without having to think to be recharged for a certain time.

TWX01NX-DE was deliberately prepared for natural disasters. Therefore, we can buy a contract for 4 years so we do not have to worry if you can not be used for pulse out and so on. Unfortunately the price is not cheap, about U.S. $ 525 for a 4-year contract.

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