Norton Mobile Security Protect your Samsung Galaxy

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The threat of malware on the Android operating system that continues to make Samsung take protective measures to protect your smart phone. Norton Mobile Security had been the shield of their choice.

In a press release we received, Symantec (Norton developer) said, Norton Mobile Security will be available for users of the Samsung Galaxy worldwide.

They will not be charged a license during the first 90 days, provided that these security applications downloaded via Samsung Apps (

Norton Mobile Security can be downloaded from the category of "Utility" in the Samsung Apps or by entering the keyword search "Norton Mobile Security" into the search on the Samsung Apps. All types of Samsung Galaxy is ready covered by this application, including the Galaxy S II.

"With sales of smart phones are now outselling PCs, cyber criminals are creating new threats every day for stealing from phone users. Consumers should have more protection than ever before, "said Janice Chaffin (Group President, Consumer Business Unit, Symantec).

In addition to functioning as an anti-malware, Norton Mobile Security has flagship features such as: Remote Locate (showing the location of your smart phone so he could be found if lost or stolen), Remote Lock (lock lost phones remotely via the internet or SMS), Remote wipe (erase data on your phone via SMS commands; phones also locked automatically if the SIM card is taken or replaced), and SD card scanning (scan the SD card when installed in mobile phones.

If a free 90 day license expires, the user can continue to use the memmbayar Rp139.000 subscription fee for one year.

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