AC with WiFi

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The format of the Samsung Forum 2012, in Bangkok, Thailand, 13 to 19 March 2012, Samsung introduced the air conditioning device (air conditioner, air conditioner) can be connected to a WiFi network.

What's the point? By connecting to WiFi, the device could then be controlled remotely.

Through a special application on the smartphone, wherever the location of users, over the phone connected to the internet, air conditioning can be controlled.

For example, when forgot to turn off air conditioning at home, users can turn it off via the application. Or, when going home to home, the room can be cooled in advance, so that was cool when the user up.

WiFi on the application of AC was an example of a simple application that leverages existing technology. Electronics manufacturers like Samsung is basically just "connect the dots".

WiFi cameras
At the same event, Samsung also showing its latest range of cameras that are already using WiFi. Just like AC said, it allows the camera to be controlled remotely.

A simple example is when you take a group photo with the camera placed on a tripod. No longer need a man standing behind the camera and quickly ran to the front of the camera to enter the scene.

Through a special application on the phone, all the camera functions can be accessed and shooting can be done. He exclaimed, photos taken can be directly stored in the phone.

Not only that, WiFi capability allows the camera to upload photos directly to favorite social networking users. No need to move the file to your computer before running on Facebook.

WiFi where else?

The ability to connect to the network are likely to explore other electronic devices. Samsung on the occasion also demonstrate the SCX-3405FW printer that can be used to print documents from the phone, tablet or PC.

The extent to which connectivity capabilities that will be developed? Limitations may have been just imagination.

It is not impossible for a device that does not seem to need to connect to the network ends up being connected devices.

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