Symbian Finally, the Successor of Nokia N8

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Nokia is preparing a successor to the Nokia N8. The phone is rumored to be so recent Symbian operating system mobile phones from Nokia.

According to The Register, Nokia has canceled development of all Symbian devices. The only thing that remains is only the would-be successor to the N8.

Not mentioned, what is the name of a replacement mobile phone N8. Symbian Nokia is rumored to be stopped early because of the focus on developing Windows Phone.

If this news is true, meaning that Nokia eventually will take a firm decision on the fate of Symbian. Previously Symbian was still swayed and erratic.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop had predicted would sell 150 million Symbian devices before completely switching to Windows Phone. But later he admitted that sales of Symbian is very far from the estimate.

Some are believed to be affected by this decision. One is Accenture, a partner of Nokia's 3000 acquisition of Symbian developers from Nokia.

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