Camera Photographer of Origin Norway Assembling Material Lego Toys

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What nonsense the idea of ​​a Norwegian photographer, he is assembling a lego toy camera from the material. Carl Frederic Salicath, the assembler of the camera saying that he got the idea because of his admiration for the form of a camera 'old' like a Kodak Brownie.

Carl Frederic Salicath name is the name Legoplex camera. Behind the unique shape, this camera can take pictures perakitnya claimed by a very good result.

In his design, he uses 120 roll film and the lens of the binocular. Frederic chose to make the camera type of TLR (Twin-Lens Reflex) in order to minimize the complexity of structure in it.

To understand the simplicity of it with a better camera, Carl Frederic decided to create their own camera. He also seems to be inspired by Nortin Carty is also assembling a 4 × 5 camera of lego.

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