Tips on Free Access Facebook Mobile

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Facebook is already a requirement for people who are familiar with the internet. It could even be addictive. From just the latest status updates in social media is to be a media campaign or sell. In many ways the internet connection with a laptop or mobile phone using a variety of cards of all types of service providers we must be smart to make in choosing a cheap internet connection but with a decent speed. Various ways we take in order to access our facebook user page.

There's actually a free Facebook access provided by the operator XL and smartfren. For users of the operator XL, simply enter the application page XLGo! and you can access facebook with no charge. For users smartfren card, no need to go to a specific application or setting anything, as long as it remains in the active period. Because smartfren has teamed with Facebook to provide this free access.

Well, for users of Facebook but not the two-card customers can also get free access. This free access and is completely free for all service providers from any mobile phone. And how to access this free Facebook can be used to update the status and so on. So do not say if you can not update the status of the pulse because of depleted yes. How to access free facebook is very simple. If you usually access the URL with facebook address then you can change it by using the URL The letters "www" is replaced with the number "0". Access way is used for all types of mobile phones. The main requirement is you have active mobile internet and GPRS her and was able to use surf. Very easy is not it?

Since the free, the features provided are also not full. Content in the form of pictures or video can not be displayed, only the text content only. So it could be for status updates and comment from the status or your friends facebook wall. Even so, certainly not enough to access that are not charged at all? Good luck!

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